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Spaceforme's top tips to prepare for exam season

It’s fast approaching crunch time in schools, and we are sure that the stress is starting to pile high, but the end is in sight!

Start by taking a look over your syllabus, it is normal for things to get missed or rushed across the school year. Sickness, inset days and school events can all affect your planned teaching schedule. Use this time before exams start to review your modules and identify any topics or areas that may need extra teaching.

Ensure that you are listening to your students, each student will have a different set of strengths and weaknesses, so spend time with students in a one on one or small group setting. This will give you a chance to delve deeper into any worries or concerns that your students have and plan with those students the best way to tackle these.

Try to make your revision sessions fun by creating different areas in your classroom for different activities to break the day up. You could have a more casual sit down floor station for those who prefer to work in a group setting, this area will encourage your students to utilise their peers and try out different revision methods. For those students who work better by taking past papers you could set up a mock exam area with exam tables, having this set up will prepare students well for how the exam itself will be structured, what etiquette will be expected and take away the fear of the unknown that a lot of students may be facing.

Now that you have done everything that you can it is time to put your trust in your students; unfortunately you can’t sit the exam for them, so have faith that they will go in there and put their best foot forward. Students are the future generation and are filled with excitement and longing about their life ahead – they will be planning higher education places or thinking about their future careers. Let the reins go and watch them flourish.

Use the time between exams and results day to reflect on your previous year, did you try any new lesson techniques that worked really well? Was there a particular topic that your students couldn’t grasp? Did you find that your classroom layout worked well for you and your students? Asking yourself these questions and answering them honestly will prepare you for an even better year next year.

Finally… relax! Reward yourself for all of the hard work you have done, maybe you have a nice trip away planned during the summer holidays, or maybe there’s a new restaurant open that you and all your friends are dying to try. Spend this time recuperating some energy, being with loved ones and enjoying your hobbies.

If there are any classroom improvements that need to be done, get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.

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