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International Opportunities

Looking to source classroom chairs or components?

We can supply you with our high quality en classic plastic chair shells!

EN10 Chair Shell Renders

en series shell

Manufactured in the UK and available for export - we have all the information you need to manufacture your own frames, assemble and sell the highly successful en classic chair and high chair ranges.

The en chair shell is available in 16 brilliant colours and 6 sizes to suit all age groups.

Scroll down for more information or click the link to get in touch with our friendly team.

en series video 

Our Frames

We have the drawings and the knowledge to guide you on how to manufacture our frames.

Alternatively we offer our products in kit form so you only need to assemble. Simple!


    Drawings       Kits       Knowledge 

Chair Assembly

Our chairs are designed to be secure and quick to assemble.

All you need is a rivet gun to attach the anti-tamper fixings & a rubber mallet for inserting the bungs.


    Quick       Anti-tamper       Secure 

Marketing Support

There is a large selection of images along with brochures and flyers in our download section

These can be adapted to include your branding and contact details.
Visit our Marketing Support page for more information.

Spaceforme Brochure Image for Web

Contact Spaceforme

We are here to help you! 

We have successful partners in Australia, North America, India, Jordan & the Netherlands.

You could be next!

You can find testimonials from some of our resellers here.

We would love to discuss how we can support you on your journey.



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