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The zlite brand of folding exam desks is a market leader in the UK combining; rapid delivery, high quality and competitive pricing. A number of storage options enhances this compact range.

ZLite Exam Desk Range
FT4106 zLite Standard Exam Desk Open Angle Clear Cut

Standard Exam Desk
Colour and size options

en core
Smart exam desk

en core table
FT4018 zLite Premium Exam Desk Closed Angle Rear Clear Cut

Premium Exam Desk
Innovative safety bar

exam desks 24/25 package

24/25 Desks & Trolley
Standard & Premium

40 Desks & Trolley
Standard & Premium


24/25 Desk Trolley
Fits all desk sizes


40 Desk Trolley
For all 600 x 600 folding desks

40 desk storage trolley
en core dolly - Royal Blue stack - Angle

en core dolly
Transport your en core

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