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Important: Patent pending

en core table

the classroom.

The en core table is a breakthrough in educational furniture.

Certified to EN1729, it is 100% recyclable and can stack 15 high within a 2 metre space.

en core can be used in multiple environments from classrooms to cafeterias and exam halls.

The table offers schools the flexibility for adaptable classroom settings with the use of the en core connector and comes with a recess for the stylish en core pen groove to add a splash of colour.

en core and en one sizes 1 - 6

Key features.

  • Stacks 15 high

  • Compliant to EN1729 Parts 1 & 2

  • 6kg weight makes them easy to move

  • Supports 100kg weight

  • Pen groove inserts

  • Connector available to link tables 

  • Easy to store on our table trolley

  • No parts to repair / replace

  • Simple to clean making them hygienic

  • Safe for outdoor use

  • 100% Recyclable

  • Table: 10 Year warranty

  • Accessories: 1 Year warranty

  • Patent pending

en core with orange en one

Agile - Durable - Strong

The child friendly design offers fantastic ergonomics, providing all day comfort and flexibility. en core one piece tables can be stacked for storage, are easy to transport, durable, lightweight and 100% recyclable.


The intelligent one-piece form makes it simple to clean and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The strong design can take an impressive 100kg weight.

Try our product configurator!

We have a fantastic way to view our product in 3D.

Click the options below to select your ideal product, then spin the model around to view in 3D.

If you are using your mobile or tablet, click the augmented reality (AR) button to view it in your room!

If you enjoy using the configurator, check out our free classroom designer!

Create your perfect table.

  • Offered in sizes 1 to 6

  • Stocked in Night Grey as standard.

  • We can produce bespoke colours to match your colour scheme. Subject to MOQ

  • Need to connect the tables together? No problem, we have the clever en core connected for that.

  • We even have a handy dolly and ratchet to help you manoeuvre your en core tables

  • Pen tray inserts (optional)

  • UV protection (optional)

  • Anti-Microbial additive (optional)

  • Tray strorage (optional)

en core with tray

We have it covered.

EN1729 compliant Part 1: Conformity, and Part 2: Strength.

Design registered and patent pending GB 2611349.

en core connected

Connect tables to create an agile classroom. Either working in single, rows or banks of tables

en core connected

en core groove

Easy clip in tray to maximise the space on the surface of the table. The ideal place to rest your pencils & pens

en core groove

Product life cycle.

At Spaceforme we care for the environment and are always innovating to try and help reduce our impact on the world. Manufactured in the UK out of polypropylene, it is 100% recyclable at end of life.

One-piece plastic chairs changed the modern classroom - we believe the one-piece plastic table will be the next advancement in school design.

en core top view
en core groove

en core groove

The en core table is built with a pen groove on the top of each leg.


The en core groove is an optional extra that allows a stylish push in tray for pen/pencil storage. Available in 10 brilliant colours to compliment the en one chair.

en core connected

en core connected

The ability to connect tables encourages dynamic learning in changing environments. Working in singles, doubles, rows or banks of tables, various combinations can be used to adapt the room to the preferred teaching techniques.

Classrooms can be quickly changed for collaborative work, allowing the workspace to flow.

en core tables connected