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The Spaceforme en core will be the next big advancement in school classroom design.

Stackable, adaptable, 100% recyclable


One piece plastic chairs revolutionised the classroom of today...

In the new millennium, school seating started to move into the one-piece plastic market, which is now the standard in classrooms all over the world.

The traditional double classroom table has been in UK classrooms since the 1960’s, but in the rest of the world single desks / workstations have been a growing trend as classrooms have modernised. 

In the changing world of 2020/21 there has been a move towards single desks for hygiene, distancing and adaptability of classroom settings.

The en core has no movable parts, can be stacked for storage, easily transportable, durable, lightweight and 100% recyclable. A product that can be used in not only classrooms but for exams, halls, dining and even outside.


Spaceforme Product Designer Murdoch Oxley, based the dimensions on a standard single class-room table.

The en core table was born out of the desire to be able to change classroom layouts quickly.  This agility helps to create a dynamic learning environment. 


The table is multi-functional and can be used as a single, double, block or in rows. The en core offers schools the flexibility for adaptable classroom settings.

The evolution of the classroom chair & table...

We can take a look at how the classroom has changed since the 1900's. The school chair has continuously developed over the century into what it is today, a one-piece plastic chair. The table though has not changed since the 1970's when the traditional double table was introduced.

1900 - 1940's

Wood was the primary material in school seating

1940 - 1960's

The use of metal legs were introduced to wooden seats

1970 - 1990's

Production of the plastic shell with metal frames

2000 - present

One-piece plastic chairs made their appearance


1900 - 1940

Wooden row desking &single desks were the first produced

1940 - 1960

Single desking became the standard choice

1970 - present

Double desk became the new standard in schools


The evolution of the classroom table - en core

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