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Introducing the brand new...

Are you fed up with stopping your teaching to tell one (or two) naughty students to stop, or send them out of class for disrupting?

Our survey has shown that 87% of teachers are struggling to regain vital teaching time that they are losing. 100% of teachers agree that it is unfair to students who genuinely want to learn, work hard, and succeed.

Inspired by our favourite hero, James Bond, we proudly present the all-new, revolutionary en jector chair!

Boasting the comfort of our en classic shell, the en jector chair is the perfect solution for classrooms far and wide. Its spring-loaded mechanism is easily activated with just the press of a button. No more stopping and starting your lessons, no more unruly children causing distractions, and no more wasted time.

Add a sprinkle of fun into your discipline with the wow factor of the en jector chair! Children will revel in the mystery and excitement of the en jector technology and their full attention will be on you.

As a teacher, you are sure to feel empowered with this chair as your ally. No more fighting to be heard, or struggling to regain control of an over-excited classroom, lead and teach with confidence and the knowledge that you have the power to tackle even the most challenging situations with ease.

If you got this far... April Fools! We had to do something fun here at Spaceforme, we hope you had a little laugh on us. Maybe one day the en jector chair will be born, but for many many (legal) reasons today isn't that day.

Get in touch with a member of our team today to see how we can help upgrade your classroom.

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