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Join us as we embark on our very first furniture swap!

We are super excited to be taking the trip down to a primary school near Heathrow, UK to complete our first furniture swap.

The world is increasingly recognising the importance of sustainability, and the educational furniture space is of course following suit. Studies have shown that the demand for sustainable academic furniture is growing, as more and more schools adopt a ‘go green’ policy.

Here at Spaceforme we want to help make this movement possible, which is why we want your unwanted furniture. This will then be recycled by our supply chain and specially selected waste management services, saving you precious time and resources.  

During our trip we will be delivering a selection of our products, and collecting the school’s current furniture for us to disassemble and recycle each material accordingly.

Any metals and wood will be distributed to the relevant facility to be recycled or repurposed by their experts.

Our supply chain is then able to sort, clean and repurpose any plastic material and turn this into our black colourway across our range. Giving your old, unwanted furniture a new lease of life in schools across the globe.

All of our UK manufactured products are 100% recyclable! Our one piece products such as our en one chair and en core table are made with reinforced polypropylene, and come with a 21 year warranty. There are zero parts to maintain which means they are super simple to recycle at the end of their life. The perfect fuss-free solutions to kick start your sustainability journey.

If you are interested in this service you can contact us for further details.

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