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Saving Plastic!

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

1kg Lighter Than Other Chairs

An average school could save a 980kg a year towards helping the environment.

We can easily exchange plastic straws as companies like McDonalds have been implementing recently. But reducing plastic can still be a real headache.

At Spaceforme we considered this when designing the EN ONE Chair to reduce unnecessary plastic usage. At end of life the EN ONE can be fully recycled into new and useful products.

In the past 100 years humans have produced a lot of plastic. It's cheap, strong, light and versatile. So it's not surprising we're using mountains of the stuff. But plastic production contributes to climate change,and the waste harms the environment, polluting our planet and threatening our children's future.

Help reduce your plastic footprint in schools by choosing a chair that helps to protect the environment for future generations, but does not compromise on comfort, style or strength.

Reduce - Re-use - Recycle

en one chairs
EN ONE uses less plastic than other chairs in its class

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