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Keeping children safe in schools - the importance of good quality furniture.

When choosing your furniture it is crucial to ensure that it fits the children well, allows for movement and encourages good posture. Children are much taller now than in the early 1900s and the school furniture industry has previously been slow to catch up with these changes.

Ergonomics refers to designs that align with human physiology and psychology, and are extremely important in a classroom setting. When students are seated on ergonomic furniture that supports the body and promotes good posture they are likely to be more engaged in their learning as they are less distracted by discomfort or pain. Ergonomic furniture helps to prevent issues with posture in later life, and instilling good posture practices into children when they are young will encourage them to be aware of how they sit in the future.

The way that classes are taught has also changed in recent years, teachers' styles are adjusting to give children the chance to receive individual pathways in a curriculum to suit their needs. To support this furniture should be easy to rearrange into a variety of layouts that support different learning styles. Our en core table is an ideal solution for this, lightweight one-piece plastic means that it is easy to manoeuvre and super stackable. We also offer optional pen grooves and link devices to finish the table off and add a splash of colour.

A student will spend around 15,000 hours of their academic career sitting down, so the quality of furniture must be high. School furniture needs to be durable and easy to clean and repair to keep the cost per use down. Quality items may have a higher premium to purchase, but they will usually be much more robust, made with better materials and better care. Our en one chair is made using reinforced polypropylene, designed and manufactured in the UK and boasts an incredible 21-year warranty.

Students, staff and schools will all benefit from good quality furniture, students will be comfortably supported, staff will notice higher engagement from their children and schools will notice a budgetary benefit with longer-lasting furniture.

Planning a summer project? Contact us now at 0333 123 2424 or to discuss your needs with a member of our team.

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