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Where has it gone…?

At Spaceforme we would all like to join together to thank you for your business during 2018 and wish you and your teams all the best for 2019.  Due to the support of our customers, and the grand efforts of our sales and production staff, we are pleased to say 2018 has been a success for Spaceforme – quickly remedying it when we get it wrong; and delivering what we say we will, when we say we will!!!

Our EN10 Chair Popularity Has Grown in 2018

2019 Pricing

Our new pricing will come into effect from 1st January 2019 and we hope that it will remain in force for a full 12 months, any major fluctuations due to Brexit deals will be communicated with our customers at the time if substantial enough to cause a change.  Pricing has been a challenge during 2018, due to increases in raw materials (steel, oil, plastic) and volatile exchange rates.  We have reviewed our pricing for 2019 carefully, and kept increases to a minimum, in some cases, due to the improvements in our Supplychain we have even reduced pricing for 2019!

New Brochure and marketing support

During 2018, we have spent a lot of effort updating our image libraries, website resources and a full new brochure.  Here is a link to our PDF of the brochure, and hardcopies will be available if you require – please send requests to

We can assist you with marketing support, in terms of personalised artwork, specific imagery, sharing social media – please contact John if you have any requirements for marketing support.

Spaceforme 2018 Brochure
Spaceforme 2018 Brochure

Opening/cut off times

Our offices will be closing midday on 21st December and we will reopen on 2nd January 2019.  Key cut off points are:

- 19th December last day of dispatch

- 20th December last day for delivery

- 3rd January first day for dispatch

- 4th January first day for delivery

Once again, we would like to sincerely thank you for your support and orders during 2018.  We look forward to working and prospering together in 2019.

Geoff Devenish

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