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We Are Reducing Plastic In Schools

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Our EN ONE chair was designed to aid and reduce the amount of material used in production, a 1kg reduction in its total weight compared to other similar school chairs makes a big difference in the UK's plastic use in schools. We all need to consider reducing our carbon footprint

In the UK alone, up to 1 million one piece plastic chairs are purchased every year for education and growing, plus the European market are now moving to use more one piece plastic seating in schools.

Having a lighter chairs does not compromise on comfort, strength or style. Need proof? - then take a look on how strong the EN ONE really is! Yes we really did put a truck on top of them!

The EN ONE also provides better, safer stacking than other major competitors - up to 21 high in a straight vertical stack. No leaning, less risk of the chairs falling.

So with the EN ONE we could reduce plastic use by 1,000,000kg per year by making a different choice when considering your school furniture requirements. Now is the time to make a change for the future in the next generation of modern school chairs.

To learn call our team on 0333 123 2424.

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