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Sustainable summer projects

The summer holidays are the perfect opportunity to take on big summer projects such as upgrading furniture in the classroom, but what will happen to the discarded items?

At Spaceforme we have you covered with our chair recycling service, the seamless solution to sustainably bring life to your classroom. Our expert team will remove, separate and recycle all your unwanted furniture accordingly. We work closely with our manufacturers in the process of producing our 100% recycled black shells, giving unwanted furniture a new lease of life and helping to create a circular economy in the school furniture space.

We have compiled an example using our furniture of how each component can be recycled, meaning there is no need for landfill at the end of life in most of our products.

Take a look at what one of our customers had to say about our recycling service:

If you require environmentally friendly furniture disposal reach out to a member of a team to discuss your options on 0333 123 2424 or at

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