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Spring will be bobbing along soon!

With spring around the corner and hopefully the warmer weather, schools will be incorporating outdoor activities into their lessons.

The pandemic is now 1 year today since we had to change our way of living, working, educating and social activities to keep ourselves and others safe. It been a hard year for everyone (some more than others), but we are coming through it and the light really is in sight now at the end of the tunnel.

With that in mind lets radiate some colour, light and rainbows into our outdoor seating with the ENBOB! Sitting on the floor has never been the most comfortable position, but now you can have comfort, support and relaxation when using the ENBOB.

Whether its for forest school learning, libraries, class participation, outdoor sports days or just grabbing a chair and sitting with your friends, the ENBOB can keep your back posture supported.

It’s a versatile product that be be used indoor or outdoor and the beauty of the product is that it can be easily cleaned for hygiene and safety. A product for all ages, the ENBOB can be used in many settings where you want to sit comfortably on the floor.

Imagine the days where we could sit on the grass with friends enjoying a picnic in the sun - well those days are getting closer so grab a piece of the rainbow and put some colour into the summer.

Oh did we mention is was an award winning product!

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