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Creating Space for Safe Learning

Primary schools are being prepared for a return back to school for the younger child attending Year 1. As we know most primary school classrooms are small spaces to incorporate a large number of children, while keeping safe distancing.

We have a solution: Hello ENBOB!

Younger children are used to carpet time learning from nursery as teachers can sit at their level to interact closely with the child. The ENBOB provides ideal back support for both child and adult while sitting on the floor. If you are struggling for space in trying to arrange them away for now! Use the ENBOB in small group learning areas to utilise the classroom environment. 

You can see from the image above teachers can incorporate more children into a colour coded segregated classroom and provide adequate teaching space. Plus a Gratnells tray for the childs belongings to keep them separated.

For more information on the award winning ENBOB Chair visit our website here.

Call our team on 0333 1232424 or email

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