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Spaceforme - No.1 Place For Chairs

Spaceforme really does have the best choice of chairs for educational environments. Whether you require a modern shaped shell, one-piece plastic or a more traditional chair we can offer these into your projects and designs.

Some of the best warranties in the industry from 5 - 21 years. You can rest assure you are getting quality products and the best support from our sales and manufacturing team.

Ranges from the EN Classic Chair (pictured below), EN ONE, KM Furniture and a selection of Zlite folding event chairs.

'The EN Classic's has clean lines, curved shape, waterfall front for circulation and ergonomic shell support that flex's naturally with the users movement. 16 colours to provide the perfect colour scheme for any design or layout. '

EN Classic Lime Green
EN Classic Lime Green

Our popular EN ONE Chair (pictured below) is not only the best stacking chair in one-piece school chairs, it boasts a 21 year warranty. Modern lines, strength and most of all comfort, this chair really is becoming a popular modern choice over the more older traditional plastic chairs. Looking for refresh? Modern design? Clean lines?...then consider the EN ONE as a perfect choice to enhance the learning environments and wellbeing of a child's posture and health.

'Its 1kg lighter than other competitors chairs - Less weight is less resources used and also less energy used during production. Helping to reduce the world's plastic use.'

Call our sales team on 0333 123 2424 or visit our website

All CAD/BIM files can be downloaded from our website to include in your plans.

EN ONE Chair
EN ONE Chair in Banana Yellow & White

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