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Providing Lab Support

At these times when social distancing is important to keep both teachers and students safe, educational establishments are having to use more areas of the school to compensate for the smaller class sizes.

One of these areas is science labs!

Science labs traditionally use tall stools due to the height requirements of the tables. These stools were typically only used for short periods of time, usually no more than 1 hour. As science labs are now being used as permanent classrooms where students are sat for more than 6 hours+ a day, it's important to re-look at what support is needed to help prevent any discomfort or longer term issues.

KM NP traditional stool
A traditional science lab using our KM Stools - very suitable for short periods of sitting

At Spaceforme we understand and promote the importance of good posture and support in seating. Our EN Classic high chair not only suit the science environment, but with the integrated handle support, foot rest and back seat support our chair can be used by students all day, keeping the back straight and aid the back in relieving the pressure of prolonged sitting.

en classic high chair
EN Classic High Chair providing the ideal sitting position - posture support for prolonged sitting periods

You can read more about the EN Classic chair here.

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