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Improving student posture – one chair at a time

It is vitally important to offer supportive seating to students in all educational environments. Furniture that doesn’t offer the correct support or that is the wrong size can contribute to musculoskeletal disorders as well as behavioural issues if the users are uncomfortable.

European Standard EN 1729 Parts 1 and 2 helps schools to identify furniture that is suitable for the classroom environment and specifies functional dimensions for each age group.

When the Spaceforme en series was put in for EN 1729 testing with The Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA), they were so impressed with the chair, here is what they had to say:

"This chair clearly considers all ergonomic factors for a modern classroom chair. In addition, the chair's aesthetics are design led whilst maintaining exceptional value for money. FIRA have recommended that the chair is put forward for the schools certification scheme - for products going beyond the standard BS EN1729"

Levent Caglar, Senior Ergonomist & Head of Ergonomist & Head of Ergonomics Unit, FIRA.

The en series range of chairs offer the perfect solution for providing users with high performance chairs that improve posture. Investing in en seating is an investment for the future, as the effects of well-designed educational environments on learning are widely acknowledged. The clean lines and ergonomic benefits of the en series can play an important role in creating seating environments of which all stake holders can be proud.

The en series is available as a standard chair, skid base, computer chair and high chair.

More information on our classroom furniture can be found in the link and video below.

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