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Add 3D & AR Spaceforme products to your website!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Visual eCommerce has transformed customer expectations when shopping online.

You might have noticed that we have recently updated a few of our product pages to include 3D and augmented reality. Pretty cool right?!

Well, now you can add it to your website too!

It's a fantastic tool that allows your customers to view products in 360 degrees and get a feel of how it will look in their room.

If you use a web editor to create your website, click the option to embed a website, then copy and paste the web address below of the product that you would like to display.

en one chair:

en classic chair:

en core table:

It should show up like this box below.

If you have any difficulties in adding it to your site or would like some help if you are unsure on how to add it to your webpage then don't hesitate to get in touch!

All the best,

The Spaceforme team

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