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A Happy Accident!

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

Ever wondered how the EN BOB idea was dreamt up?

We like to call it the ‘happy accident’ during ISTE 2017 San Antonio. We took a selection of our EN 10 colour shells to show visitors the range, one of our guests noticed them behind the curtain and mentioned ‘I love your floor chairs!’

en bob floor chair
Relaxed meeting on the EN BOB

Floor chairs we thought, then realised what they meant. A fantastic conversation took place on how this shell would be a perfect design to aid posture when involved in floor activities. On feedback during the show, the concept of a durable floor chair with good posture support, received a great response from a wide range of teachers and students.

On return to the factory the design team worked on a new support frame, and that was it! The EN BOB was born, and has been growing ever since…putting smiles on people’s faces!

Recently the EN BOB was entered at Gess Dubai 2018 as the ‘Innovative Product of the Year. Up against some fantastic ideas our invention scooped the award, now we knew we had a product that could make a difference in the educational market and beyond.

en bob floor chair
EN BOB is available in 6 colours

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